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Infographic: Transformers – Age of the digital telco

For communications service providers, digital transformation is not just an ideal – it’s a mandate. Customers want to be in control of their own services, with access to new ones on demand. The business models of digital natives like Amazon and Google provide this kind of flexibility and threaten to relegate network operators to delivering only connectivity if they don’t transform their business processes, networks and support systems.

For our new Insights Research report, our first on digital transformation, we surveyed 64 executives from 49 communications service providers about their plans. See the key findings on how they are going about transformation, their progress so far and the biggest challenges they face.


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    1. It doesn’t surprise me that “Lack of Clear Vision & Goals” is number 1 under ‘Why is transformation so difficult’. By its very nature the future of telco in a world of digital is uncertain but this is something that grates with telcos engineering culture and desire for everything to be known, planned & managed. It is actually a cultural issue (number 4), management support is lacking at least partly because of it (number 2) and the complexity of the current reality (number 3) holds them back. In short, these apparently discrete constraints are very related and I believe centred on accepting uncertainty and constant change as the new reality and what it takes to succeed in Digital.

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