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Telstra: Frankly cataloging NaaS issues

Guy Lupo, General Manager, Head of Orchestration and Data 2020, Telstra Operations, outlines the challenges of evolving to become a network-as-a-service organization in this frank video interview.

Speaking at TM Forum Live! (see video below) in May, he explained he is part of Telstra’s key 2020 Evolution Program: “There are roughly ten streams of activities that make up the programs”, but he added, “You could see my role with the orchestration, data and APIs as the glue to help us move from where we are today – a shared network services organization to network as a service. As a service means we’ve got to have a catalog of services, fulfillment, inventory; all the stuff we take for granted at this conference, but in the network world, it is not as obvious as you think.

“We came [to TM Forum Live!]to see how we can use the Forum. Our plans are to come together with the Forum and do something very special – let me explain; it’s very important. After talking to a lot of operators and vendors around the world we have found there is no standard way of exposure for networks services. It’s a mess. We need one [a standard way]to create NaaS, but we want to do it with the industry, so that hopefully when it comes to the time to put network services in a Verizon data center or a Verizon hosted POP [point of presence], we can just do it and they can use ours.

“That’s what we want from TM Forum. We believe the tools are here. We will see how the journey goes.”

Telstra’s pioneering work, over many years, has resulted in major contributions to TM Forum. Guy explained that this that due to Australia’s geographical position – its physical isolation from much of the rest of the world means it has higher OpEx due to time zone differences and other logistical challenges. He says, “This creates a great environment for innovation”. And at the event his presentation was about a good example of this – implementing a self-healing POP because downtime is expensive in every sense.

He says, “We stumbled into this networks catalog [issue]. IT has catalogs everywhere, but there’s no one place where an MPLS circuit is described and that’s the end of the story. That’s what we are planning to do. We are eager to get help with NaaS.”


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