Smart cities make smart citizens and a smart life

Humanity’s goal is to improve the quality of life and safety of all citizens, while making our world sustainable. Lofty as this might seem, there is a group at work proving not only that it can be done, but they’re building the platform to deliver it too.

The project started its own life as a Catalyst within TM Forum three years ago. It was called Smart Life: my home, my city, my planet Catalyst. Initially focused on the home, it has expanded into a platform for cities to deliver a range of smart services to their citizens and is now called the Connected Citizen: Life in a Green, Clean, Smart City Catalyst.

Initially the Catalyst focused on “geo-fencing and digital tracking to automate and provide savings in the home”, according to Randy Frantz of ESRI, one of the key members of the group. “Now this is expanding to cities and we can demonstrate that they can deliver a host of IoT-type services through the platform that we have created within TM Forum.”

Developing this platform will allow service providers to help cities become ‘smart’ and take an agile approach to delivering services. This, in pure business terms, will enable faster time to market for new services and products.

If proof were needed that TM Forum’s Catalyst program is of value to our industry and society, this must be a prime example. It has gone beyond proof of concept, and the group is working to deliver the platform to cities.

Smart city think tank

“We have created a smart city ‘think tank’ and are meeting with seven cities at the moment”, says Frantz, “In fact, we are looking to harden the architecture of the platform, add a cyber-fraud detection and prevention layer, align it with the TM Forum Platform Model (Digital Platform Reference Architecture), and work with a city on a real implementation of a smart life service”.

The champions of this project are Orange and NTT, while the participants are Amdocs, providing the security, BaseN and ESRI, who are providing the location services, and Infonova, the partnering and on-boarding elements.

The Catalyst uses a variety of assets and is aligning with the Business Process Framework (eTOM) and Information Framework (SID), as well as using multiple TM Forum Open APIs including party management, privacy, billing, fraud management and others.

Ultimately, this project will deliver a platform that will mean that service providers will be able to design and offer new smart products and offerings faster to residents, cities and businesses, while improving the quality of life for all.

The Connected Citizen: Life in a Green, Clean, Smart City Catalyst will be showcased at the TM Forum Live! event in Nice, May 15-18.


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