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Orchestrating the digital customer experience

As the world rapidly moves towards digitalization, the telecom sector as the “pivot” vertical has introduced NFV/SDN technologies which enable dynamic digitization of the core communication infrastructure. In order to ensure that flexibility, automation and consequential efficiency is maximized, this digitalization needs to be transparent to the final consumer layer and at the appropriate abstraction.

Many of the NFV/SDN solutions that are being proposed are network/telco infrastructure centric. In the best cases, the concept of automation/orchestration is propagated upwards. The Orchestrating the Digital Customer Experience Catalyst, championed by Verizon and to be presented at TM Forum Live! in Nice this May, leverages TM Forum Open APIs and focuses on transmitting the digitalization information across the assurance verticals in the form of different abstractions — closing the loop by leveraging Redknee’s revenue management solution.

Wipro leads the Catalyst and brings its service analytics solution, which integrates with the performance management solution of Infosim. Wipro plays a vital role in contextualizing network KPI to service-level KSI, taking into account network data, service type QoS requirements and service instance information.

Infosim contributes towards the Catalyst through its Unified NMS of which the PM solution supports the ability to provide key KPI for a dynamically requested network service between any service access points. The solution also integrates with Redknee’s customer order management for configuration provisioning.

Redknee provides its Unified Digital Suite, a pre-integrated real-time charging, billing, catalog, order management and customer experience solution. It brings in the ability to model, sell, dynamically monetize and support products and services, based on the user’s quality of experience (QoE) and related SLAs. It also enables upselling of superior QoE, beyond stipulated SLA, either on-demand per session or as offering upgrade.

“Moving away from passive networks towards smart networks would extract maximum value as well as provide new areas of opportunities and services.” Verizon


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