2017: The year of radical change starts here

2017 will be “the year of change” in the communications industry, says TM Forum’s Deputy CEO, Nik Willetts.

Be bold

His message to TM Forum members? “We have to drive transformation in the communications industry much more aggressively than we have in the last few years. We’ve spent enough time identifying the opportunity. We’re underpinning the next wave of growth…in digitizing really established industries – but for the communications industry to take its rightful role in that market, we need to recognize the need to change ourselves.”

According to Nik, too much energy is going into the technology transformation and not enough into “real and radical” transformation of the business.

TM Forum’s mission this year is focused on enabling the holistic transformation required for companies to thrive in the “digital storm”.

Watch this video where Nik gives his full look ahead to 2017 and details how the Forum will support members through their digital transformation journeys.


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