TM Forum announces Digital World Award winners

At TM Forum Live! today TM Forum celebrated the exemplary achievements of its members.

Bharti Airtel, Bristol Is Open, Indra Sistemas, Netcracker, Royal KPN, Salesforce, and Telefónica have been recognized for their leadership and commitment to developing digital business best practices and standards, which through TM Forum’s collaboration platform ultimately benefit all Forum members and the marketplace as a whole.

This year’s Digital World Awards attracted over 50 members from a diverse range of industries, and included both commercial enterprises from a variety of sectors as well as public sector organizations. The winners were recognized at the TM Forum Live! Gala Dinner, sponsored by Huawei, at the Palais de la Méditerranée in Nice, France, and also honored during the event’s opening keynote session.

Judged by an impartial and independent panel, the 2016 Digital World Award categories and winners are:

Digital Service Innovator of the Year Award: TELEFONICA – O2 Drive

This award is made to the company or organization that has made the most significant and innovative contribution to advancing the ‘smart’ revolution in society.

  • O2 Drive aims to disrupt the UK’s car insurance market by using customers’ data to help them get a better quote, based on factors like how long they’ve been an O2 customer, their payment history and the device they use. In an industry that suffers from poor customer satisfaction, O2 Drive strives to reimagine the industry by improving the end-to-end digital customer experience.


Smart Service Provider – Business Transformation of the Year Award: ROYAL KPN N.V. – Transforming into a next-generation telco

This award recognizes the communications, digital infrastructure or media service provider that has made the most significant strides in transforming to a low-cost, agile and customer-centric operating model.

  • This Dutch integrated ICT service provider underwent a digital, customer-centric transformation and implemented a low-cost, agile operating model. Combining TM Forum’s Business Process Framework with its own customer journeys resulted in a Net Promoter Score rise of +9 for consumers and cost savings of €280 million by the end of 2015.

Smart City Innovator of the Year Award: BRISTOL IS OPEN – Bristol Is Open smart city initiative

This award recognizes the most innovative service breakthrough focused on positive impact to the lives of citizens, the cost of delivering services within a city and the applicability of the innovation to other cities around the world.

  • Bristol Is Open manages a software-defined, digital research infrastructure across the city, offering ultra-fast connectivity to its R&D partners, including Rolls Royce and NEC Corporation. The first application of the network, the Data Dome, provides computing power for visualizing complex experiments. Another project, the IoT Mesh network, provides a test bed for developers of IoT applications, ranging from smart rubbish bins to connected streetlamps and beyond.

Outstanding Contribution to Enabling Improved Customer Centricity Award: SALESFORCE – Salesforce customer-centric platform of engagement

This award recognizes the company that has made an outstanding and innovative contribution to significantly improving customer centricity for its customers through innovative customer- or data-centric technologies or services that have dramatically improved customer service, experience or satisfaction.

  • The platform has helped a range of companies become more customer-centric and reimagine customer engagement across a broad range of business functions, channels and devices. A number of leading multi-play operators have embraced the Salesforce platform for end-to-end omnichannel customer experience to meet and exceed the increasing customer demand for simple and seamless experiences with their operators.

Outstanding Contribution to Enabling Improved Business Agility: NETCRACKER TECHNOLOGY – Netcracker helps leading logistics company become the world’s largest supply chain

This award recognizes the company that has made an outstanding and innovative contribution to significantly improving the business agility of its customers (measured in terms of improved time-to-market, ability to rapidly respond to market demand or opportunity, etc.).

  • One of the world’s largest logistics companies wanted to become the world’s largest supply chain—a difficult task given the company’s traditional operational methods and processes. This company brought in Netcracker as a partner to help it transform its business and operations in order to reach its goals.

Awards_05-HD 1080p JULIET from TM Forum on Vimeo.

Outstanding Contribution to Improved Business Agility Award – Communications Industry: BHARTI AIRTEL LTD – Execution @ speed of thought

This award recognizes the company that has made an outstanding and innovative contribution to significantly improving the business agility of its customers (measured in terms of improved time-to-market, ability to rapidly respond to market demand or opportunity, etc.).

  • The company has built a series of digital business capabilities including segmented and contextual offers for customers, creating significant business and revenue opportunities; mobile applications for retailers to provide them with real-time data to improve customer support and NPS; and applications for the sales force to measure and improve performance.

Open Digital Ecosystem Platform of the Year Award: INDRA SISTEMAS S.A. – FEEP IoT Platform Sofia2

The digital business revolution is driving the growth of complex business-to-business (B2B) relationships trading across a complex ‘value fabric’ of relationships. To support such digital ecosystems, sophisticated platforms for digital business are emerging. This award is given to the company that is shaping the market, and in particular, driving open approaches to the emergence of digital ecosystems.

  • The company has built an open ecosystem to foster collaboration and support smart solutions with enterprise-class features such as IoT interoperability, real-time big data analytics, cloud deployment, horizontal scalability and a free experimental environment for developers – Sofia2 CloudLab. These capabilities enable smart digital solutions across many verticals, such as smart cities, smart home, smart building and smart health.

“Congratulations to the 2016 Digital World Award winners,” said Peter Sany, president & CEO, TM Forum. “As agile operations, customer centricity, the Internet of Everything, and embracing open digital ecosystems have become integral to successfully competing in today’s digital world, our Digital World Awards highlight the vital role that the Forum plays in connecting our members to collaboratively co-create, innovate and grow. The 2016 winners represent the best of the best when it comes to commitment, not only to TM Forum and our broader member community via participation in our collaboration programs, but to companies across a wide range of industries who need to operate and compete effectively across an ever-changing landscape of complex digital ecosystems.”

The 51 nominees and 32 finalists in TM Forum’s Digital World Awards 2016 were judged by an impartial and independent panel of leading industry experts and analysts, including Dr. Anastassia Lauterbach, CEO and founder, Lauterbach Consulting & Venturing GmbH; Chris Lewis, Managing Director and Telecoms Industry Analyst, Lewis Insight; Joachim Horn, CTO and Information Advisor (CTIA), PLDT/Smart Group; Keith Willetts, founder and former chairman & CEO, TM Forum; and Radhika Venkatraman, Sr. VP and CIO, Verizon. The judging panel was led by Chairman Steffen Roehn, Founder and CEO, Roehn Management Consulting GmbH and former group chief information officer, Deutsche Telekom.

Later this week on Inform we’ll have video interviews will all the winners so watch this space!


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