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Promoting and supporting innovation is critical for any business. Big data has become a buzzword for any business wishing to capitalize on the information it has to hand in order to provide customers with the best possible experience.

Innovation in big data is all about making the data available for any number of people to test out ideas to see what works, without impacting the performance of the systems the data resides in. If the idea doesn’t work out the ‘failing fast and failing cheap’ theory comes into play, and it’s time to move on to the next idea. This methodology is particularly challenging when you consider the growing amount of data that is gathered and used these days.

A team of TM Forum members has joined together to run a Catalyst project to develop and demonstrate a highly innovative new concept called the Analytics Big Data Repository (ABDR), which aims to address this challenge. Catalysts are rapid-fire, member-driven, proof-of-concept projects which both leverage and enhance TM Forum best practices and standards, connecting service providers, technology suppliers, and global enterprises to create innovative solutions to common industry challenges.

Data lakes

As ABDR Catalyst lead, Gadi Solotorevsky, CTO, Amdocs, explains,

“ABDR is all about creating ‘data lakes’ of information, putting a structure and data dictionaries on top of these data lakes so that any company, any vendor and any service provider can use this new standard to test ideas.”

The ABDR provides a unified data layer, accompanied by a detailed Data Dictionary blueprint, that can support multiple use cases and multiple analytics systems while successfully addressing the challenges that prompted this Catalyst. These include avoiding data replication, reducing extract, transform and load ETL processing costs and time, saving on hardware costs (storage and processing power), and shortening the time to implement new use cases.

The Catalyst will show how to address these issues with the ABDR Framework. The use cases that will demonstrate the ABDR Framework are real-world service provider challenges, based on TM Forum’s member-created guidebooks, including the Revenue Assurance Guidebook, the Fraud Classification Guide and the Customer Experience Management Solution Suite.

There are two main roles in each Catalyst – champions (usually an organization seeking a solution to problem) and participants (organizations contributing to solving the problem). There are no fewer than four champions here – China Mobile: Cox Communications; Orange; and Telekom Malaysia. Partners include Amdocs (customer experience software solutions and services); SAP (enterprise application software); Infosys (consulting, technology and outsourcing services); Apptium (business-driven technology solutions); Digital Route (mediation and data integration solutions); and Cisco (networking equipment, software and services). Working together, these players create an agile, accelerated environment to come up with a solution that everyone can benefit from.

The Analytics Big Data Repository (ABDR) Catalyst will be demonstrated at TM Forum Live! 2016 in Nice, France, in May.

Find out more in this video interview:

The story so far

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