Smart cities: How Iskandar Malaysia is approaching green growth

At the Smart City InFocus 2015 event in Yinchuan, China, Datuk Ismail Ibrahim spoke of the realization that to be a truly global city of international standing, environmental protections needed to be put in place as well as developing economic competitiveness. As Chief Executive of the Iskandar Regional Development Authority, Malaysia, Ibrahim explained what the word “sustainable” means to him:

“So the word sustainable means that we need to embrace the concept of environmental protection as well as the social wellbeing of the people. That’s why the word sustainable is not only talking about the environment, we’re also talking about social as well as the economy.”

On the importance of the smart city concept, Ibrahim was clear about its role in the plans to develop Iskandar Malaysia into a globally competitive region:

“The smart city initiative came about quite recently for us. When we started Iskandar Malaysia, we wanted it to be globally competitive… and not only developing from an economic standpoint but also from the environmental as well as social. Now along the way, as we planned for the growth of this particular region, we realized we also need to benchmark ourselves against the world’s best, and hence the idea of the green region and the green city came about, and the green agenda became a focus. But of course along the way as we develop this idea of the green agenda, the smart city program also comes into place, so all this works, for the way in which we project ourselves as the metropolis of international standing.”

On attending the Smart City InFocus event, Ibrahim had this final word,

“Not only am I able to share what Iskandar Malaysia has been doing, from a smart city perspective, but I’m also gaining a lot of knowledge and new ideas about the way in which we echo the issues of developing smart cities and smart city regions… “





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