Sharing information is key to building smart cities

Young-Hoon Choi, CIO of Seoul, Korea, interviewed at Smart City InFocus in Yinchuan, China, spoke of the need for shared information in order to make smart decisions:

“Every day we need to make decisions, from small ones, like what to have for lunch, to large ones like whether to buy electric vehicles, and in most cases we don’t have enough information…

“I think the sharing of various experiences from different areas and different cities, like Seoul, for example, a big metropolitan city, and a developing city like Yinchuan, will help… and the opinions from the public and private sectors are different, so we share our experiences in order to create a consensus to build a smart city.”

And on the biggest changes that will be brought about by technology?

“Technology has always improved productivity. Previous technologies have overcome the limitations of space and time… think of book publishing, the telephone or telegrams… so now we need to find the hidden problems, and then the solutions, all based on data.”



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