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Critical success factors for customer experience programs

In the research for our recent Insights Research report, Customer experience and analytics in a digital world, we asked respondents for their top success factors for their customer experience programs, again using a scale of 1 (not important) to 5 (extremely important). This year’s responses show an increasing maturity in their view of customer experience program management, often gleaned from growing experience of executing such programs.

Top management support tops the list

While top management support remains firmly in first place, and program governance scored highly in third place, the biggest change in our findings was the push for simplicity. This is reflected by the recognition of complexity as a major source of difficulties in our questions about challenges, as business process and system simplification moved up to the second position. Top management scored an impressive 4.37 of 5 among our respondents. They understand that going digital requires major transformation, and felt that top management support and leadership helped to clarify goals, align focus across various organizations and shorten the time needed to define requirements. It also speeds up the resolution of interdepartmental conflict.

These are all very important factors as the focus of customer experience management increasingly shifts to implementation. Looking to the future, top management also defines the opportunity and role that the company plays in the value fabric, and facilitates the partnerships necessary to success.

Governance and simplicity

Just as last year we felt the move by governance from third to a tie for second place was due to an increased focus on implementation, this year we think the push for simplicity is based on experiences during program execution. Some of our interviewees say this explicitly, and we believe it applies widely.

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