The number one thing smart cities can learn from the private sector

Coming from a private sector background at companies like MGM Mirage and General Electric, Samir Saini, CIO, City of Atlanta, said the biggest thing he’s learned which applies to smart cities is, “How to execute”.

He explains,

“The thing about the private sector is at the end of the day, there are targets that need to be made – whatever they are, whether they’re operational targets, cash targets…You learn how to deliver on projects. That’s probably the biggest thing: I’m taking methodologies from my private sector experience for how to execute initiatives…to ensure that we can deliver on this huge portfolio of work that we have for the city.”

Saini was being interviewed at the Smart City InFocus event in Yinchuan, China – when asked about the comparison between Atlanta and cities in China, Saini says, “It’s the same picture. The scale here in China factors larger but the underlying problems and solutions are the same .”

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