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MWC: Introducing the world’s first connected suitcase

Worried about losing your suitcase? Concerned your luggage is overweight? Fraught with fear your phone is about to die on you? Your worries are now over – for the small cost of $500, you can be the proud owner of the world’s connected suitcase.

Scheduled to hit the market towards the end of the year and demonstrated here at the GSMA’s Innovation City at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, the suitcase has a GPS that communicates with your smartphone via Bluetooth so you can always know where it is. Of course, that wouldn’t have really helped a colleague of mine who traveled with me to Barcelona – when we landed at the airport, he eventually found out his suitcase was on its way to Bulgaria. But at least he would have been able to track it.

Made by Bluesmart, a New York City-based company, the suitcase also includes an integrated phone charger near the handle, and you can lock the case either via an app on your smartphone.

The coolest feature, though, is its ability to weigh itself. Lift up the bag in one hand while using the app in the other, you can tell whether the case is overweight or not. According to the company, the case weights eight-and-a-half pounds, and is “carry-on friendly”.

This suitcase is just one example of the Internet of Things: a network of physical objects or “things” embedded with electronics, software, sensors and connectivity to enable it to achieve greater value and service by exchanging data with the manufacturer, operator and/or other connected devices. And as Kevin Petersen, AT&T Digital Life president explained, the Internet of Things could impact the average consumer in multiple ways in their daily lives:

“Whether it’s a home or car or shipment travelling around the globe, connecting these ‘things’ can simplify the way we interact and make life and business more efficient. The Internet of Things could tell you that your elderly family member woke up, turned on the kitchen light, opened the pantry, started the coffee pot and opened the utensil drawer. Your ‘things’ will take care of you and your loved ones, giving you peace of mind and unique insights to help you manage your day.”

And keep track of your suitcase.

This article was originally published in Amdocs Voices.


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