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Thinking outside the customer experience box

Network operators’ customers aren’t always the happiest. Internet service providers and cable operators, in particular, consistently rank at the bottom of customer satisfaction surveys. But they are trying hard to improve. Annie Lindstrom looks at what they might learn from customer-centric organizations in other industries.

Businesses that take a step back from what they are doing to keep their customers happy gain important perspective. Taking more steps away can be even more enlightening, but for years many network operators were reluctant to take those steps. According to the American Customer Satisfaction Index, for the past two years a third of the top 15 worst companies in the U.S. were network operators, mostly cable and Internet service providers.

Operators realize they need to improve, but how? They may be surprised by what they can learn from observing and incorporating winning customer-experience strategies used by companies in other industries. The things that outsiders are doing may not translate directly, but a tweak here or there could save, or generate, revenue and inspire customer loyalty.

According to Zhecho Dobrev, Consultant, Beyond Philosophy, a global customer-experience consultancy, all too often network operators don’t take time to observe their competitors, let alone outsiders.

“We conducted research with 40 telecommunications executives and the first question we asked them was which telecom company other than their own they admired the most,” says Dobrev. “There was always a moment of silence. That moment spoke for itself and how much they need to look outside.”

Read the full article on Perspectives to discover what network operators can learn from companies such as Apple, United Airlines, Salesforce, Trader Joes and more.


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