Unleashing M2M to unlock the potential of IoT

This week we saw two experts engage in a lively discussion around the growth of M2M and how this is fuelling the explosion that is the Internet of Things. Dan Brown, Industry Analyst for the Technology Research Institute, joined Craig Bachmann, Senior Director of the Open Digital Program at TM Forum to discuss their personal experiences, opinions from working with members and recent industry research. Carl Piva, VP of Strategic Programs at TM Forum was our moderator to ensure things stayed on track.

What followed was a fascinating discussion, peppered with questions from the 300 strong live audience. Starting with an introduction on the Internet of Things the discussion quickly turned to how big this really is, who is involved and how this is already changing the face of the industry and redefining who a service provider is.

Data is a large part of Internet of Things, who owns this data, how this data should be used and managed all feeds into making digital services a success. Dan and Craig discussed the importance of security around data and the importance of building trusted partnerships.

Questions flowed in on where M2M would grow the quickest? What standards will be introduced for M2M? What industries will see the most impact? You can see the answers to all of these questions and more by watching the webinar here:

Connecting the dots: Unleashing M2M and unlocking the potential of Internet of Things from TM Forum on Vimeo.


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