Show them what you’ve got (or not) – building your own personal IoT

You show me your thing; I’ll show you mine – the Internet of Things, is no longer just for enterprises.  According to IDC the number of connected devices is poised to take off – from 12.5 billion in 2013 to 212 billion in 2020.

From the traditional – home energy management, security systems, smart appliances and TVs – to the evolving – smart watches, glasses, bathroom scales and even basketballs, the connected consumer is sure to be a significant driver of this growth.  And whatever it happens to be, connecting your ‘stuff’ to the Internet to manage yourself or to show others is only getting easier.

Take for example Bug Labs’ ‘Freeboard’.  It claims to be “Ridiculously simple messaging for the Internet of Things”, making it easy for you to show your things to others – or perhaps just keep to yourself.  Freeboard enables connected ‘things’ to share data through the cloud by ‘dweeting’ ( using a simple HAPI-REST web API.  Bug Labs Founder and CEO is Peter Semmelhack who is also author of the book Social Machines.

Once you’ve managed to connect all the stuff in your life, you’ll want to be able to see and control it all.  The folks at theThings.IO know this and claim to be “building a web-based platform designed to enjoy the experience of the Internet of Things.”  Is the currently popular phrase “there’s an app for that” soon going to be replaced with “there’s a dashboard for you and your stuff?”

Checking in on the security of your home is one thing but I’m not sure that I’m ready for my bathroom scale to get social just yet.  I’m certain that I’ll “want a dashboard for that” first!

Need to find out how to connect, protect and monetize with the IoT?  TM Forum doesn’t have an app or dashboard for that just yet, but they do have a veritable trove of insights and practical advice for service providers and enterprises.  You can get connected to all of it, and much more, at TM Forum Live!


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