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Catalyst shows off the power of big data analytics

How can communications service providers harness the power of big data analytics to improve customer experience and achieve business growth? Come and visit the Big data, big profits: Harnessing the power of analytics Catalyst at TM Forum Live! in Nice next week to find out.

The big data analytics Catalyst team tests and proves best practices from the recently published TM Forum Big Data Analytics Guidebook using multiple commercial products to deliver results. Use cases covering customer experience, proactive care and personalized offers will be demonstrated, along with scenarios in back-office functions such as revenue assurance, fraud management and network optimization.

The Catalyst process included selecting various use cases from the Guidebook, identifying and mapping the required data sources, and creating the demo scenarios in commercial software tools. This project already takes into consideration a future Phase 2 scheduled for TM Forum’s San Jose event in December where the team will show a Unified Big Data Repository (UBDR) for all use cases defined by the software vendors. Additionally, to improve the demo scenario and make it even more realistic and similar to a service provider’s environment, it will be mandatory to extract all the required data to be used in the demo scenarios directly from the UBDR.

These innovative solutions are created by a team of leading industry suppliers including cVidya, Huawei, NetCracker, ParStream and WeDo Technologies, and they are validated and endorsed by the project’s service provider champions, including AIS, China Mobile, MTS Allstream, Orange, Robi Axiata Limited and STC.

“Service providers preside over a goldmine of data, and big data analytics is becoming an important asset and competence. Yet how to fully extract its value is still a challenge,” says Lifen Zhao, Project Manager, China Mobile. “We are pleased to support TM Forum’s Big Data Guidebook and Catalyst project, which will help us to make a leap forward in extracting the value of big data analytics.”

Loreen Edkins, Director IT Architecture & Common Services, MTS Allstream, agrees: “Big data is a big challenge. The ever-increasing pressure from competition alongside all the industry hype make for a very confusing, complex environment to navigate through. TM Forum’s Big Data Analytics Guidebook, alongside the big data analytics Catalyst, provide a valuable, practical jumpstart to helping service providers navigate through the hype and focus on real tactics to extract the value out of data. I am pleased to support this Catalyst project and the TM Forum Big Data Analytics Guidebook initiative.”

Come and visit this Catalyst in Nice, and attend an overview presentation delivered by the service provider champions at the Hub Theater on Wednesday, June 4, at 5:00 pm. For more information please visit the Catalyst web page. To schedule a dedicated meeting with this Catalyst team please click here.


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    Amir's deep telecom industry knowledge and experience includes over a dozen years specializing in OSS/BSS and business analytics solutions. He is an active member of the TM Forum Revenue Assurance team, and currently serves as the Big Data Catalyst’s marketing lead.

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