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Thank you for allowing us to serve you

As the rain poured down outside the TM Forum headquarters, Morristown, New Jersey a buzz was starting to build within the lobby as colleagues from all around the globe were coming together for the annual ‘all staff’ meeting.

TM Forum is trusted by its member companies to lead them on a successful digital transformation, in order to achieve this, TM Forum is embracing this same transformation.

With agile business, customer centricity and members first leading the agenda, the excitement was building. With all 100 colleagues ready to learn and achieve great things.

Members first. Customer centricity.

We invited several members to join us virtually (the wonders of Skype), to allow us to interview them on their thoughts of the Forum, what are we doing right, what are we doing wrong. Sounds simple, right? But many of you really know what your customers think? And at the forum our customers are our members.

Our customer engagement program ensures our members maximize market share, customer growth and loyalty. This program brings together the best in the business to collaboratively develop the tools, standards, best practices, metrics, KPIs and thought leadership that will help service providers successfully maintain and grow their market share.

One highlight was a video of a presentation on one customer’s experience with superlative customer service and how he became a lifelong promoter. The catch line, “thank you for allowing me to serve you,” was adopted as our unofficial slogan for the whole week!

Agile business.

We created a real life hot house involving all staff on becoming an agile business. Anyone that has been in a hothouse knows they can be intense, they can be chaotic, but they achieve fantastic results. And this one was no different.

Our Agile Business & IT program focuses on optimizing IT and operations to deliver the speed and flexibility needed in a digital world. Bringing together the best minds in the business to collaborate on common challenges, offering our members access to business and technical knowledge, tools and standards proven to transform the role of IT in any business.

Open digital.

The digital ecosystem is evolving daily, it’s the fastest changing reality that our members have ever had to face, and to succeed you need to be able to build partnerships that will enable you to deliver new services quickly, easily and securely. TM Forum is no different. Connecting a wide range of industry verticals and leveraging the work of many organizations, we’re collaboratively developing the tools, APIs, standards and best practices needed to enable an open digital ecosystem.

At TM Forum we don’t recommend best practices without using them ourselves. We are focused through our strategic programs on ensuring that our members become more agile, encourage customer engagement and build partnerships in the digital lifecycle. And we are doing it to.

Come together. Right now. One team.


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    Charlotte Lewis is the Events Marketing Manager for TM Forum. Responsible for the marketing of the entire TM Forum event portfolio as well as the popular online webinars and research and publications.

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