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TM Forum Live! – it’s about transformation

TM Forum has been serving its over 900 members for more than 25 years and during that time tremendous changes have occurred in our heartland of the communications sector. We’ve seen the spectacular growth of our industry, especially in mobile to connect almost the entire human race.  In that time data usage has grown at least 1000 fold.

That growth, along with advances in devices, computing and the Internet have been the ingredients for the birth of the digital world which now impacts every person and every company on the planet. And not just people, the “Internet of things” is rapidly growing to connect myriad devices from cars to heart monitors to energy efficient homes.

These phenomenal developments mean that change is now continuous and it’s accelerating: new types of company, new services, new markets and new ideas appear almost daily, disrupting business everywhere creating both threats and opportunities.

The industry is changing and so to has our role in it.

TM Forum’s events have always been the place where people join together to see the Forum’s work come to life.  Our highly successful Management World events have focused primarily on helping decision makers manage the operational, business and technology issues of communications services and networks.  We’re building on that success and expanding our focus to take an even broader look at the new opportunities that are being enabled through innovative technologies and business models – helping our delegates transform to a digital business and learning from an increasing broad pool of innovators in the digital world.

Beginning in 2014, TM Forum Live! will become the new name for the Forum’s major events.  Much more than simply a name change or a one-time conference event, TM Forum Live! is a live window to the work of the Forum and its influential members from around the world.   Our premier TM Forum Live! event will be held June 2 through 5, 2014 in Nice, France, bringing together the critical elements of transforming to a digital business and the management of digital services and technologies, in a live and interactive environment.

The event will showcase the work of the Forum, our cutting-edge and collaborative Catalyst technology accelerator programs.  As always, we’ll be leading and inspiring our delegates – industry-leading experts, and decision-makers from around the world – in discussions and discoveries that will shape the future of digital business and as importantly the direction of the Forum’s focus and agenda.  TM Forum continues to be committed to helping our members transform to succeed in a digital world and we look forward to hosting the industry in an exciting and rewarding renewal of this commitment in June.


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    Keith Willetts has a lifetime of senior level business experience in the communications and IT sector and is widely regarded as one of the world’s leading authorities on business management of digital services and networks. He founded TM Forum.

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