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On-Demand Training Courses over new video platform launched

Planes, trains and automobiles are no longer needed to take some of the most popular training courses offered by TM Forum. TM Forum’s Training is rolling out new video-based training courses focusing on the Frameworx suite of standards and best practices as well as billing, cloud and virtualization with more courses to come in the near future.

With a sleek, new video platform, also available for use on iPad, the courses feature TM Forum’s renowned trainers who have years of experience in complex transformation of IT and operations. The courses offer in-depth knowledge on reducing cost and risk, increasing business and IT agility and efficiency, growing revenue and improving customer experience in today’s digital world. These courses are part of TM Forum’s foundation-level courses for Frameworx and their applications, and will ultimately include:

  • Frameworx Overview
  • Business Process Framework (eTOM) Distilled
  • Information Framework (SID) Distilled
  • “Now Generation” Billing
  • Application Framework (TAM) Distilled
  • Business Process Framework (eTOM)-ITIL Workshop
  • Customer Experience Management Distilled
  • Revenue Assurance Distilled

These courses, many of which are also available for in-person training, include new content and detailed exercises for students. Upon completion of any course, TM Forum member students are automatically registered for the relevant exam.

“No matter where you are located, there are no boundaries to taking TM Forum’s expert-led training courses,” said Nik Willetts, chief strategy officer, TM Forum. “As the pressure to transform grows, it’s critical that we deliver training direct to the desktop without impacting the quality of learning. Our new video courses allow students to access our industry-proven, collaboratively developed best practices and standards any day, anytime, anywhere, and take the first step towards certification.”

TM Forum’s Training is now more convenient, affordable, accessible and flexible than ever. Offered the world over, in-person and online, the Forum’s training courses provide the knowledge to succeed in today’s changing world and a competitive edge that will help fast track careers. For special discount codes and more information, contact [email protected].


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