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New programs help service providers and enterprises transform in digital world

Every company operating in the digital world faces the same challenges, from improving business and IT agility to reducing cost and risk, improving market retention and driving new revenue growth. To help businesses overcome these challenges, TM Forum is launching three strategic programs focused on agile business and IT, customer engagement and digital services as part of its ongoing commitment to helping its members succeed. Taking a positive step toward overcoming these challenges, today TM Forum released Frameworx 13.5 at its supercharged North American event, Digital Disruption 2013.

New Strategic Programs

TM Forum’s Agile Business and IT Program helps service providers and enterprises continuously optimize their IT and operations. This program focuses on:

  • Increasing business and IT agility and reducing time-to-market for new services
  • Streamlining and automating business processes to reduce operating costs
  • Reducing transformation and integration cost and risk

TM Forum’s Customer Engagement Program helps service providers continuously grow their business by moving beyond traditional customer experience, and exploring how to enable one-to-one customer engagement to maximize market share, customer loyalty and growth opportunities. This program focuses on:

  • Applying TM Forum’s customer experience management (CEM) best practices to reduce churn and improve relationship management
  • Using a common language and predictive analytics to enhance the customer’s end-to-end experience
  • Measuring customer satisfaction using proven KPIs to prioritize data and drive action

TM Forum’s Open Digital Program helps service providers, enterprises and their suppliers create, build and operate complex innovative services by developing the right tools, APIs, standards and best practices. This program focuses on:

  • Managing end-to-end services across multiple cloud-based partners
  • Facilitating partnerships to improve time-to-market
  • Onboarding new partners to ensure a broad and creative service portfolio
  • Enabling flexibility in business models, billing and settlement to support financial relationships between partners

TM Forum’s Frameworx 13.5

In just four months—faster than ever before—over 380 individuals from 141 TM Forum member companies applied proven agile development methodologies to create the key features of Frameworx 13.5 – the Forum’s suite of best practices and standards. Guided by the new strategic programs, Frameworx 13.5 comprises 47 new features, including B2B2X Best Practices and APIs, a Big Data Analytics Toolkit, and a Threat Intelligence ROI Calculator, among others. Highlights of the new release include:

Agile Business and IT Program:

Customer Engagement Program:

Open Digital Program:

“Service providers, suppliers and enterprises from around the globe are working together in TM Forum’s collaboration community to develop the tools, standards, best practices and thought leadership that will help companies maintain and grow their share of the digital marketplace,” said Nik Willetts, chief strategy officer, TM Forum. “The latest release of Frameworx underscores our commitment to help our members continually transform to succeed in the digital economy.”

TM Forum’s strategic programs and the new features in Frameworx 13.5 are all showcased this week at Digital Disruption. In addition, the latest edition of TM Forum’s Case Study Handbook, available in print at Digital Disruption, features over 10 service provider success stories highlighting how they harnessed the potential of Frameworx to successfully address a range of business issues.

Located in the heart of the high-tech center of North America, Digital Disruption is the next generation of TM Forum’s highly successful Management World event series which brings together key players and innovators in the digital ecosystem.


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