BSS/OSS: Exploiting benefits of configuration and scale

Don’t reinvent the wheel to support OSS/BSS says Ida La Spisa, Acting Head of OSS and BSS, Ericsson. She explains the trick is to use the same assets that can be used “over and over again across customer projects” so everyone gets the benefits of scale and configuration. She adds, “We try to reuse as much as possible and become more efficient over time.”

Partners and processes

Another arm of Ericsson’s approach is its focus on people and relationships. Any OSS/BSS project is always a big undertaking, and La Spisa stresses the importance of carefully discussing the right steps, and identifying any pain points with clients “It’s a long discussion, usually these big transformation engagements take a little bit longer time to actually narrow down the steps.

“It takes engagement at big CE [customer experience] level on the customer side as well as on our side.”

On the partnering side of things, La Spisa and her department work with many of them. In particular, those whose products and services complement Ericsson’s own, or whose products Ericsson can complement. La Spisa says that it can be challenging the first time they encounter a new partner.

“Sure there is a learning curve that we need to go through, but usually, we actually reuse the same partners over and over.” By using the same partners in different customer projects, Spisa found that Ericsson can build the necessary practices within its systems integration capabilities, and once again, “become more efficient over time”.

The journey to success

“I think what is important is to define the journey,” Spisa asserts. In a project of such complexity, she may be onto something. She proposes that firms figure out what their short-term KPIs are alongside their long-terms KPIs and their growth strategies:

“Transformation is to both win the short-term needs as well as capturing the growth.”

Watch our video to hear some more of La Spisa’s insights.



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