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AT&T is giving its customers its hand-me-downs, but in a good way. It’s handing down its agility. The company has been offering enterprise services based on the capabilities of its virtualized infrastructure. Through virtualizing, and offering flexible services such as signing customers up on a monthly basis, it is effectively passing its agility down to its customers. Their businesses become more agile because they’re dealing with an agile service provider.

As such, this non-traditional, monthly approach is opening up new possibilities for the company and changing the way it markets these services:

“The fact that it is month-to-month generates great flexibility for global enterprise customers, and that means they will more strongly consider AT&T as a services provider,” said Andreas Meyer, Portfolio Manager, AT&T.

Alongside the lack of huge installation lead times, Meyer added that another customer benefit of such a setup is the ease of use. As its services are completely transport agnostic, customers can use them across any network, anywhere in the world. Meyer continues on to explain that while the total cost of ownership definitely decreases upon virtualizing multiple appliances and putting them on a single platform, the bigger benefit is most certainly business agility:

“If a requirement comes for the business for additional security, for better application performance, you can react to that in real time essentially, because it’s a software roll out.”

The quest for agility has been ongoing for the firm; in February 2016; it invested $10 billion to drive agility for businesses worldwide.

“Businesses need flexibility to drive a long-term strategy and pivot to maximize short-term opportunities,” Ralph de la Vega, Vice Chairman said at the time.

While these new and improved services have been driving existing loyalty for the company, it’s worth noting that they’ve really impacted AT&T’s position in the market. They’ve opened up new possibilities, as well as driving existing customers.

“It’s a good service for loyal customers, but it’s also a great tool for us to get new accounts, new customers, prove our innovation and our value to new companies.”

Watch our interview with Meyer in full in the video below:


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