Transformation is about execution and “miracles”

Alpna Doshi, GCIO Business Transformation & IT worldwide, Philips, and a member of TM Forum’s board. She is now a year in her role at Philips and keen to leverage the Forum’s work to help her build a healthcare ecosystem and fast. Watch her keynote below.

In an interview after her presentation, she explained that every company she’s worked for, in a variety of senior roles over the last 20 years, has been going through “quite a journey” and has needed rapid execution. Philips is no exception. Last year the 102-year old company decided to hive off its lighting division to concentrate on healthcare (although it still has a 71 percent stake in Philips Lighting) and already this is paying dividends, but there is much more to do.

She said, “When you want to do transformation, the eye is on the customer. When Philips talked to me, in my mind it was a match made in heaven. To really give them the [right]sort of transformation – which is a journey, so the first wave – you need to do it fast, so execution is key. I’m very execution oriented; I like to get on top of things to understand the lay of the land.”

Working miracles

She adds, “I can make people do miracles, one way or another…clearly this was important to Philips… what I could bring to the company in a very short timeframe.” Alpna went on to explain how she plans to leverage her long-standing involvement with the Forum:

I’ve been [involved]with TM Forum for at least 12 years now. I’ve watched it grow and change and transform with the changes in the [communications]industry – and this is the part I’ve liked best about the Forum. It does not make a difference which industry I’ve joined because ultimately because the fundamental foundation of every industry is the same.

“The part TM Forum brings to the table is open APIs, bringing the ecosystem of partners together and making it lean, in part through standardization aspects. To an extent how can you really refuse, when you are in growth curve, from a business and market standpoint, you don’t want to be bogged down by cost, the bottom line has to be clean. TM Forum has done a fantastic job of doing that for other industries. In health tech, the Forum is new so this is right, opportune moment when the Forum could give the right attention to a company like Philips to make it a lean service provider for the healthcare sector.”

The Forum opens the door

She concludes, “You don’t have to reinvent the wheel. You take what you’ve got, apply it to the domain knowledge, customize it to [your]needs. Of course, the aspects of regulation and validation play a big role in the healthcare sector and security, but security and data analytics run across all industries. I am very here at TM Forum to make sure we get the partners and the Forum gives the attention we need to improve interoperability so we can build the kind of ecosystem I want to build for Philips. It opens the door, I think, for many more companies in this sector.”

Watch the whole interview below.


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