Cloud: On-premise is fast becoming too slow

Painting the bigger operator picture means incremental change and off-premises solutions according to Robbert Soors D’Ancona, Senior Business Consultant, KPN Consulting.

With the likes of Google, Amazon and Apple delivering new services so quickly and vigorously, pressure is on the rest. D’Ancona believes that for operators, focus should be at the front, on the customer, when creating and testing new ideas, and then rolled out incrementally. Constantly learning from their customers, constantly evolving their solutions.

“I think that’s the biggest talent for organizations like operators, to make that step, to have another way of developing and having interaction with their customers.”

But how can operators move away from the culture ‘waterfall’ management approach – especially where the culture is so embedded? D’Ancona suggests telcos still can’t stop projects once they are underway, that they still have not embraced the fail fast and move on ethos. He suggests initiating change in “a separate business next to the big operator, and try to make that a success.” Provide the model for change in one sector or one vertical for example, and then move it on outwards – an incubator for change if you like.

The cloud’s silver lining

Embracing cloud is a big way for service providers to power this kind of innovation, and D’Ancona has seen huge enthusiasm for “services that are not on-premise anymore, that they [the customers]buy from an operator which you can scale up and scale down.” He adds, “instead of an on-premise solution you use for some time, throw away, then buy another one”. What does this mean for the market?

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