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DTW 2018: Day 2 recap – Your 20th century vibes just won’t cut it

Day 2 meant Digital Transformation World 2018 was in full swing in sunny Nice! Click into each heading for the full insight.


Is transformation a purposeful virus?

Sponsored by: Accenture and Ciena

A morning of keynote speeches set the audience’s digital cogs turning. The message was clear: Digital transformation is no longer an option; it’s a necessity. Watch this video to hear insights from some of the keynote speakers (and other industry leaders).

Video by TelecomTV

Telcos must ‘shed 20th century culture’

TM Forum CEO Nik Willetts kicked off day 2 with new collaboration announcements around Open APIs as well as viewpoints on the state of the industry and how it can move forward.

Converging IT and network teams

Sponsored by: Ciena

Assessing the value of a cloud-native platform for operational automation, which can be shared by IT and networking organizations. Download the paper here.

CIOs make an offer you can’t refuse

When Thierry Souche, Group CIO, Orange, had a conversation with a new recruit to the telco’s IT team recently, he told him: “I’m not your boss. I’m your godfather – it’s far worse.” The audience, at one of Tuesday’s CXO keynote panels, took it pretty well.

Realizing the 2020 digital operator

All topics in the digital hemisphere were up for grabs as a panel of esteemed industry innovators came together to deliberate the route to becoming the digital operator of the future.

Play to lead in the new industry landscape

Sponsored by: Accenture

There is an unmissable opportunity to rotate to the new. A chance for operators to transform their businesses and reinvest in new growth models to re-establish a critical role in future value chains. They just need to trash the rulebook.

Do CSP employees get platforms?

Telco CXOs appear to be more ambitious about what communications service providers (CSPs) should aspire to become than the teams working inside their companies.


Ecosystem evolutions

Sponsored by: BearingPoint

Angus Ward, CEO of BearingPoint takes a close look at some barriers to transformational change that often come from the top.

Video by Juliet Media

That elusive innovation mentality

Nicolas Bry, COO of Orange Startups Studio, talks innovation and breaking free of ‘the way it’s always been done’ mindset.

Video by Juliet Media

Speaker blogs

Reports & Webinars

Digital Transformation Tracker 2: How to fix the cultural divide

The Digital Transformation Tracker (DTT) tracks the status of digital transformation in the telecommunications industry and CSPs’ perceptions about progress.

Vision 2020: Future CSP business models

In this report, we explore the commercial models and technology enablers that CSPs will need if they are to expand their remit beyond that of connectivity providers.

Monetization in a 5G world

CSPs can tap into new revenue sources through mutually beneficial business models with digital partners. But, current BSS solutions are slow moving and hamper these efforts. This webinar explores the monetization approaches helping leading service providers accelerate their evolution.


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