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Crossing the digital transformation chasm

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Connectivity has become an important part of our lives. Communication Service Providers (CSP) are the enablers of it, which places them at the centre of this new paradigm shift that digital represents, in a knowledge based society. Nevertheless, CSPs must deal with the paradox of the world becoming more digital, connected and, at the same time, their prevalence is starting to be challenged.

As providers of the infrastructure that support the digital world, CSPs must now find new revenue streams and reinvent themselves by developing unique value propositions to customers or risk becoming the piping of a new economy, in which others reap the financial benefits.

The world has changed and CPSs are at the forefront of this new age. This new customer digital mentality represents amazing growth opportunities, since customers feel empowered to consume when they want, how they choose and with whom they want. This is the time to redefine core telecom services, by making them more accessible, and care free to consume, by addressing new needs, under a new light.

Becoming a digital centric customer organization

The transformation journey CSPs around the world are taking has, at its heart, the customer. Whatever the goal (growth or, more conservatively, not falling behind), better serving customers, with the most relevant value propositions, is a must.

That is also the reason why decreasing the time to market of new products and streamlining operations is critical. But there are many ways to get there…

Two of the most important dimensions driving digital transformation in telecommunications are:

  • Customer Experience
  • Offer Breadth

For each CSP, the position it stands on the matrix is influenced by many factors. More important than deciding which quadrant defines the organization, is reflecting on the digital transformation roadmap it must embrace.

The combination of these two axes (the portfolio and how customers access it) is driving growth in CSPs across the globe. The ability to excel on the omnichannel experience, combined with products that solve critical customer needs, is a strong differentiator of this new digital revolution.

There isn’t a sole and tested blueprint to guide CSPs on their digital transformation journey. Celfocus Customer Centric Architecture represents a consolidated view of the main building blocks that define a Digital Service Provider (DSP).

To keep up with the fast pace environments digital enables, the way digital IT projects are delivered also needs to evolve. Celfocus Framework provides the means to optimize the IT demand and delivery engine, being a key enabler for the continuous business transformation.

The DevOps approach seeks to meld application development and deployment into a more streamlined process. Celfocus Agile Framework aims at understanding and assess the organization maturity to adopt an Agile delivery approach; define the new Delivery Model and the tools and configurations to manage the Agile delivery. Finally, it seeks for efficiency in all software life cycle development, including interaction with business and operations.

This transformation for a traditional CSP represents a renovated approach to how customers’ needs are being met and how they are engaging with the organization. It represents an evolution from offering core, telecom services, to providing digital experiences.

Catering to the digital customer

In the digital world, customer journeys aren’t necessarily linear and taking place in a single channel. It’s quite the opposite, which mirrors the experience delivered by so many other industries.

The ability to pause and resume a customer’s journey anytime, in any channel, is becoming the norm and an opportunity for CSPs to delight customers by extending their previous interaction, allowing each customer’s journey to continue where it left off, in a transparent and valued added way. This omnichannel strategy activates the brand in a consistent experience across touchpoints, delivering a similar experience, regardless of the channel used.

Digital customers have a different mentality. Because they are always online, opening and closing times are irrelevant, customers look for convenience and a seamless and effortless experience across all channels. The question that remains to be answered is: Are CSPs ready for digital customers?

Celfocus is the right partner to support CSPs across the globe on defining and implementing a transformative journey to deliver an unparalleled digital experience, supported by CELFOCUS Omnichannel.

CELFOCUS Omnichannel is a telco oriented product for telecommunications, developed to ensure a consistent customer journey, regardless of the touchpoint. It covers sales and customer care scenarios for Assisted Channels (shops, call centres, partners, and field engineers) and Non-Assisted channels (shop and self-care), supported by a common and smart platform, for a seamless cross-channel experience.

The solution’s powerful  360-degree customer view, combined with a timeline of customer interactions, helps agents recognize customers quickly.

Overall, CELFOCUS Omnichannel empowers CSPs to shift from optimizing individual touchpoints to designing a fully integrated cross-channel experience by consolidating all channels in one technology, thus decreasing its TCO.

The latest version of CELFOCUS Omnichannel brings new enhancements aimed at improving the customer experience, journey reuse, and addressing, at the same time, some of CSPs’ main priorities in terms of delivery model and cloud integration. Some of the main highlights include:

Designing engaging customer journeys

CELFOCUS Omnichannel offers, out-of-the-box, a rich library of journey templates representing the most critical business processes in any telco which are used as a baseline to quickly build new journeys and integrate existing ones.

CELFOCUS Omnichannel Journey Designer enables the development, update and migration of customer journeys using a graphical interface. It promotes the decoupling of the customer journey definition from the channel business logic, potenciating faster changes but still maintaining the journey consistency.

The solution maps the customer journey process with the impacted systems and integration points, facilitating the implementation process.

Driving customer knowledge with analytics

CELFOCUS Omnichannel Predictive Integration optimizes interaction times with customers, by predicting and anticipating what they will do.

Predictive Integration uses advanced Machine Learning techniques to create prediction models (based on customers historical data) that identify the services and systems that will be required to satisfy an ongoing customer need.

Cloud native architecture

Built on a microservices based architecture that can be deployed, upgraded, scaled, and restarted independently without application downtimes, CELFOCUS Omnichannel enables a new dimension to the application development lifecycle and operation services, enabling frequent updates to live applications with no impact on end-customers.

When this level of modularity and automation is achieved, agile development approaches and DevOps are a natural fit to organize teams. CELFOCUS Omnichannel Cloud native architecture uses Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment tools to automate the build, test and delivery of production ready packages.

Federated channels made easy

All elements of CELFOCUS Omnichannel work coherently and are natively integrated to deliver an omnichannel experience.

Federated Channels is a capability within CELFOCUS Omnichannel, a framework to embark on an incremental transformation of channels, without disregarding the interim states happening during the roadmap execution. It allows picking a specific channel (or set of channels) that address the most pressing pain points, while the remaining channels will be incrementally replaced and absorbed by CELFOCUS Omnichannel. During the different stages, yet-to-be-replaced channels can see their investment monetized, while their contribution to an omnichannel experience is assured (to the possible extent) via channel federation.

Why choose CELFOCUS Omnichannel solution

CELFOCUS Omnichannel was developed considering CSPs´ specific needs, business logic and IT architecture. It delivers on the promise of a unified customer experience by providing the same service level, regardless of the touchpoint. The holistic coverage of all touchpoints and decoupling of frontends and backend allow CSPs to out-execute their competitors and reduce time to market of new products and services.

Celfocus Omnichannel delivers a set of effective and critical key aspects towards the digital transformation journey by:

  • Providing, out-of-the-box, an extensive library of customer journeys and offering a rich graphical interface to create new ones.
  • Offering a truly engaging customer experience through a redesigned interface
  • Promoting channel agility and reuse by keeping processes independent from channels, allowing changing and implementing business requirements in a single layer and pushing them to the different channels;
  • Covering all customer touchpoints in different devices and channels, enabling CSPs of all sizes to drive operations with low effort and great simplicity.
  • Escalating sales and customer support coverage and, at the same time, controlling what type of information is exposed to competitors, through a partner specific set of process libraries;
  • Enabling first time resolution through Telco out-of-the-box processes designed to provide agents with end-to-end control in a single system. A 360º customer view combined with a timeline view helps agents recognize customers and clarify questions quickly;
  • Improving workforce performance through streamlined processes and decision cycles across the different channels but never losing sight of their unique characteristics;
  • Embedding analytics that deliver a set of KPIs and provide a comprehensive view of what is happening, from a business and system perspective.

About Celfocus

Celfocus is a fast growing, global high-tech company with a reputation for developing and implementing successful projects and solutions that drive business value for the telecommunications industry.

By combining a deep business knowledge with the understanding of different technologies, while never losing sight of the customer experience, Celfocus built a reputation leveraged on an unexcelled track record.

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