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Pre-register for digital Transformation Tracker 2: How to fix the cultural divide

The telecommunications industry is in a catch-22: New digital architectures, processes and work practices such as Agile software development, DevOps, cloud and microservices can help communications service providers (CSPs) address the pressure they’re under to cut costs and find new sources of revenue, but organizational silos and cultural issues like hierarchies, red tape and aversion to risk are standing in the way.

This is the key finding in our second Digital Transformation Tracker (DTT). As its name implies, the DTT tracks the status of digital transformation in the telecommunications industry and CSPs’ perceptions about progress. We publish the tracker twice a year, and our inaugural edition appeared in October 2017.

Pre-register for this report now so that when it is published, you’ll get some answers to these key questions:

  • Why are CSPs are struggling to articulate a vision?
  • What is the role for platform business models?
  • What is the status of digital transformation?
  • What are the primary drivers and challenges?
  • What’s wrong with CSPs’ culture and how can they change it?
  • Where are the skills gaps and how can CSPs address them?
  • What is the role of network technology in digital transformation?
  • Where are CSPs with deploying network functions virtualization and software-defined networking?
  • What are the biggest challenges around virtualization and cloud?
  • How can TM Forum help?


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