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RA survey report 2017/18 – Navigate your journey!

TM Forum has just published the Revenue Assurance (RA) survey report 2017/18 to share and discuss insights and trends in RA and to strengthen the value of RA’s contribution. This report provides RA practitioners with valuable facts, industry insight, community reflections and detailed observations on the state of RA across the board.

RA organizations strive year by year to achieve meaningful goals and to receive acknowledgment for their continuous contributions in their companies. Careful planning and regular follow-up on RA priorities is key as resources and supporting technologies are limited in most companies. The thoroughly analyzed insights from our report, from peers around the world, offers constructive navigational input for strategic and operational plans.

RA survey report quick facts

Fast, short or ecological?

Once a year it is time to receive gifts. It is said in Northern European countries that the Santa Clause (Father Christmas) lives in Finnish Lapland. Therefore, let’s do a virtual navigation to Santa (and remember, poor Santa himself has to navigate his global trip in just one day).

When you study the facts and reflect on your own journey, it may be useful to think about the different navigation options and to vary them along the way. The capabilities you sharpen during your journey will help you achieve your objectives today and tomorrow. The key journey options are as follows:

“Autobahn” – achieving fast and easily measurable progress.

Navigate your way to the destination fast by optimizing the time it takes, potentially prioritizing certain activities from others and deploying resources.

In the context of RA, an “Autobahn” journey could mean a strong focus on leakage identification in combination with fast revenue recovery activities.

“City hopping” – focus on the journey

On this journey, see some sights along the way. The pleasure achieved during the journey is more important than time optimization.

An example of “City hopping” is when organizations try to improve coverage levels for new products.

“Drive’n optimize” – Optimize capabilities and resources

Make the best of your restricted resources; an efficient and effective use of technology.

“Drive’n optimize” could be when organizations try to scale existing technology and analytics capabilities to support solutions to address new RA risks.

Download the report and plan your journey!

On behalf of the survey team I’d like to invite you to explore TM Forum’s global RA survey report for 2017/18. For RA practitioners it is worthwhile to go for a deep dive, question by question, and to study chart by chart. My advice is to use the report as a structured self-reflection tool for your own journey and to use the insights to plan your way forward.

Through these insights along with TM Forum’s combined resources and expertise, you’ll discover different ways to navigate your way toward the (moving) target. Sometimes you’ll do a little sprint on the autobahn and discover something new on the way, and sometimes you have to save energy and money for later investments. Happily, you are not alone, we’ve got a great and open community to share and spar with you! Please check our LinkedIn group and engage in discussions.

To further enhance collaboration beyond the RA core and to enable evolution, TM Forum recently established an open working group focusing on “Business Assurance in the context of IoE and Ecosystem Business”. The overall goal is to create and share best practices to leverage the impact of the range of BA disciplines on overall business performance and customer experience. The group comprises participants from a broad diversity of disciplines that contribute to assuring business.

Enjoy the report and your journey!

Rene, on behalf of the RA survey team.


    About The Author

    Head of Risk & Assurance

    Rene is Head of Risk & Assurance at Telia Company, Finland. He is responsible for managing GRC (governance, risk & compliance), fraud management, revenue assurance and credit control. He has also been the leader of the TM Forum’s global RA survey since 2014. Additionally, Rene is one of the driving forces behind the new TM Forum’s Business Assurance Initiative. In his co-lead role, Rene’s ambition is to help professions in the Business Assurance area to acquire capabilities to master future challenges and to become proactive value drivers in their companies. Rene has over 15 years of industry expertise and has spent 10 years in international consulting and auditing, with a background in GRC, RA and outsourcing/partner management. He recently received an outstanding contributor award for thought leadership in his area.

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