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Fruitful new partnership to drive transformation in Libya, MENA

TM Forum’s new partnership with Makman Tech Consulting (MTC) means greater support in driving digital transformation in the Middle East and North Africa region (MENA).

“In regions, such as Libya, which have been closed to international business for a lengthy period of time, having a local associate such as MTC to provide that intimate relationship is very important,” explains Tim Banham, Managing Director, Member Engagement and Sales. “Understanding the environment within which our members operate on a daily basis, and being able to interact with them in their environment, enable the Forum to provide its members with the right level of support to empower success.”

The partnership means MTC becomes the exclusive Certified Associate for TM Forum in Libya, and the only partner to provide TM Forum’s complete range of services to Libyan telecoms and technology companies. This includes driving involvement in our collaboration and Catalyst projects, and encouraging the adoption of Frameworx, a suite of best practices and standards that provides the blueprint for effective, efficient business operations.

The relationship started in November 2016, and now that the trial period has been passed successfully, the relationship is formally approved.

“Partnership with TM Forum is the perfect fit to our strategy of leading digital transformation in MENA,” says Luqman Shantal, CEO of MTC.

“Many others embark on this by focusing mainly on technology disruption, and a few are tackling process innovation,” he explains. “Our approach at MTC is to start with digital culture by humanizing this imperative. Addressing the cultural barrier risk that is ranked first among the threats to successful digital initiatives.”

Shantal added that opportunities in MENA are substantial, and that MTC’s biggest challenge in Libya is not the country’s recent political instability.

“Many countries exploited digital immediately post instability,” he says. “Our real challenge lies in tailoring this for culture and process maturity. We will prove to MENA that Frameworx does work, and we will share our success stories shortly.”

The Forum’s activities, services and partnerships have been a source of innovative digital transformation around the world. Most recently in London, our collaboration with industry association MEF produced a software developer kit (SDK) to help CSPs partner to deliver automation for carrier Ethernet services, while in Yinchuan in September, 50 major cities and government organizations alongside a number of global communications service providers, technology firms and industry associations signed up to our City as a Platform manifesto to help shape the future of smart city ecosystems.

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