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Revenue assurance: What’s keeping you awake at night?

126 common leakage scenarios, 52 Revenue assurance risks, 246 sub risks, 232 controls/measures, and 22 KPIs. Yeah, we “get” Revenue Assurance at TM Forum.

Through the impressive work by our members over the last ten years, we have created a blockbuster set of best practices to help service providers of all kinds find and eradicate revenue leakage. We have saved our members millions of dollars and have changed the way companies think about revenue assurance. A pretty decent track record if I say so myself. Good job members!

But our members do not typically rest on their laurels. They see the world changing before their eyes. They see that the future is looking less and less like the past. And our Revenue Assurance team wants to keep moving at the pace of change and work to update their best practices to reflect new areas of concern and new approaches to staying ahead of revenue leakage.

This is where you come in. We need your input. We have a short survey that we need answers to – just  tell us your current state of revenue assurance and what you see for the future.

Revenue assurance assets


The project leader for the survey is Rene Felber, Manager of Risk and Revenue Assurance, TeliaSonera, Finland. Rene and TeliaSonera think it is so important to get this information that Rene has signed on in a leadership role in the TM Forum’s Revenue Assurance group — taking time out of his day job – to work on the survey and open up discussion about the future of Revenue Assurance with the wider industry, and when we have the results he will analyze the answers and determine what it all means.

Read Rene’s recent blog, Rethinking revenue assurance.

One of the most important things that TM Forum does for our members and the wider communications industry is set direction. In the context of TM Forum as an association, that helps our members do business better.  It means going out into the world and learning what is important in the industry, what issues are being faced, what is keeping people up at night, and what opportunities are out there – and turning that information into something that provides insights and approaches for tackling the challenges.

This Revenue Assurance survey is the perfect example of this process and it is always inspiring to see our members in action making a difference.


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