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How analytics help when customers are ‘god’

In Japan, one out of every four people is over 64 years old with a life expectancy of 84 years, making it the world’s oldest population. Takehiro Nakayama, Head of Smart Data at AXA Life Insurance Co., Ltd., will explain how analytics will be key to delivering outstanding healthcare to this expanding, older population in the Analytics Live! stream at TM Forum Live! in May in Nice.

Excellent service to customers is all-important in a country where the customer is not regarded as king, but god. And the challenge will  get tougher: The  United Nations predicts that by 2060, about one third of Japan’s population will be older than 65. AXA has transformed to meet the challenge by becoming more data-driven in its decision-making and operations.

The company has 3 million ‘gods’ [customers]in Japan and 5,000 advisors to help them, so it’s not so hard to see how analytics are going to be increasingly important to maintain the expected level of service in the crucial area. Watch this video to find out more about the Japanese market and AXA’s activities.

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