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Saudi Telecom’s customer experience dashboards

In our recent report, Customer experience: Why the quest never ends, analyst Tim Kridel looked at different service providers’ approaches to customer experience management. Here’s a spotlight on how Saudi Telecom Company is using customer experience dashboards.

Saudi Telecom Company (STC) has developed customer experience dashboards that it uses for key customers (see below). These enable staff to monitor how the services they’re responsible for are affecting each customer’s experience.

STC also uses online, phone and field surveys to understand customer experience. Two sample field survey questions are provided in the tables below.

The company uses a variety of TM Forum assets to analyze and improve customer experience. One example is the Frameworx Business Process Framework, which STC uses to identify and classify core business processes  for fulfillment, assurance and billing. The company’s goal is to map and standardize the end-to-end business processes for core functions such as complaints management, retention and loyalty.

“The whole CEM solution suite is very beneficial to us,” says Ahmed Gharawi, General Manager of Enterprise Customer Experience Excellence. STC has aligned the metrics it uses to measure customer experience in relation to the Forum’s CEM lifecycle metrics. “The framework of measurement in CEM lifecycle metrics reinforced our rationale behind the measurement platform we have created and helped us obtain internal endorsement,” he says.

STC also uses the Omnichannel Guidebook to inform its omnichannel strategy.

“We are implementing several initiatives to uplift the channels, and the guidebook helped us assess how we are progressing and what to prioritize,” Gharawi says.


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