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Sponsored data in demand, but how will it be delivered?

The New Business Models with Sponsored Data Catalyst team is creating a platform where operators can sell mobile data packages to enterprises. The project will deliver a blueprint to push the sponsored data trials underway today into complete market offerings in 2017.

Mobile data is still expensive so enterprises like banks, insurance companies and even telecommunications companies themselves are having a hard time using the mobile channel effectively to reach their customers. Understandably, customers don’t want to use up their data packages to communicate with the various companies they buy services from.

This provides an opportunity for enterprises such as banks and insurance companies to buy mobile data packages and then use that as a currency or commodity to spend on engaging with their customers. Insurers’ customers could upload evidence videos, for example, without paying for the data they use to do so. It’s a win-win scenario because the enterprise gets better engagement with their customer, the customer gets free data and the operator generates new revenue.

Making it happen

To make this a reality, operators need to use standards which make it easy for interested parties (enterprises, media firms, advertising agencies) to purchase and consume sponsored data on the network, even across other networks.

At TM Forum Live! in 2016 four participating vendors and a champion quickly pulled together a working solution that delivered all the capabilities to deliver sponsored data, and the team demonstrated several new business models that are possible with a sponsored data offering. However, the solution was closely tied to one operator.

To move from a demonstration to a market offering, enterprises need to be able to buy sponsored data from a broad set of mobile providers – they need to reach their customers, regardless of who their mobile service provider is. Also, an enterprise needs to interact with each of these mobile providers.

These market trials will not translate into successful businesses if they lack ubiquity and require heavy-lifting again and again. This Catalyst will identify new and implement existing TM Forum APIs, delivering the blueprint that can push the sponsored data trials underway today to complete market offerings in 2017.

The Champions for the latest iteration of this Catalyst are Orange and NTT Group. Participants are Sigma Systems Salesforce, Datami, Comptel and CloudSense.

The New Business Models with Sponsored Data Catalyst team will demonstrate their latest findings at TM Forum Live! in May.

Watch this video interview with Salesforce’s Mustafa Oyumi for more information:


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