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Personalization key to next APPEX omnichannel Catalyst phase

The next round of TM Forum Catalysts kicked off at Action Week in Vancouver recently and resulted in no fewer than 18 separate collaborative projects that will demonstrate at Innovation in Focus in Dallas in November.

Catalysts are proof-of-concept projects developed collaboratively by TM Forum members. These projects bring together companies large and small to create innovative solutions to common challenges, and demonstrate how this can be achieved leveraging key TM Forum best practices and standards. This approach ensures scalability, reusability, and reduced costs and risk.

Some projects are totally new; others are ongoing phases of already-successful Catalysts moving on to the next level of maturity. This might be fine-tuning them for commercial use, or adding features suggested by observers at TM Forum Live!

APPEX Omnichannel

The APPEX Omnichannel Catalyst is an example of the latter. ‘APPEX’ stands for Adaptive Predictive Personalized Experience eXcellence.

The Catalyst’s objectives are to create an agile omnichannel management framework that supports business goals and is flexible and open to all current and future omnichannel ecosystem participants.

Personalization was the key component of the last phase — for example, creating offers to acquire or retain customers, or generating offers during ongoing care interactions.

This involved leveraging powerful personalization capabilities based on persona-driven, real-time analytics and customer information to detect and infer intent and generate next best actions.

The objective was to reduce response times and deliver right-first-time responses to change potentially negative interactions into positive experiences and outcomes.

Churn to return

At TM Forum Live!, the APPEX Omnichannel team also demonstrated a ‘churn to return’ use case running fully integrated on the Amazon Web Services cloud. The project also generated a number of APIs, process impact assessments and metrics from a maturity-level assessment point of view.

Work will continue with these but the next phase will also be concentrating on net promoter score (NPS) uplift capabilities.

Huawei’s Tim Morgan, project manager for the Catalyst, said of this phase that, “Paramount will be the application of a business-led architecture ensuring the outcome of the Catalyst meets the business objectives.”

Catalyst team members gain extensive benefit, both business and technical, through their participation. The short-term duration and common goals of the projects lead to close working relationships that often blossom into long-term business relationships.

The APPEX Omnichannel team is actively seeking more participants, especially in the NPS space, so if you would like to be involved, visit our site or email Jean-Pierre Dufresne.


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