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Looking to tackle challenges in your organization around data analytics, customer experience or privacy? We’ve got projects happening right now which allow you to collaborate with other companies facing similar challenges to find solutions faster. Here’s a quick view of the ongoing projects that need you!

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Customer experience

Customer Experience Management Implementation Guide V2
  • This workstream is now creating Guide V2. Participants in this workstream are developing additional best practices that will define a “how-to” blueprint for systematically using the TM Forum Customer Experience Management assets that we have today in a repeatable and scalable fashion.  The output will be interactive tools (e.g. web pages, apps) and techniques to implement successful CEM programs and projects in service provider companies, as well as serving as thought leadership for CEM system suppliers.
Omnichannel Best Practices Guide V2
  • How do you use personalized, seamless, proactive customer experience across multiple channels to increase profitability and create loyalty? Participants in this workstream are producing best practices for implementing omnichannel approaches to customer experience management in service providers, and will be working on a new maturity model and approach for a readiness assessment as part of their efforts.
  • How do you improve customer experience by measuring touchpoints and things that impact customer interactions and customer satisfaction along the customer journey? In this workstream participants are adding new metrics to continue to add to the the library of over 525 metrics that we have today for measuring customer experience throughout the lifecycle.  One aspect of this project will be to add some wireline/fixed line specific metrics to the set of mobile specific metrics we have today.
360-degree view of the customer in the digital ecosystem
  • We are redefining a holistic view of the customer for the digital world. This workstream involves defining a deeper and richer view of the customer lifecycle that captures changes in the customers satisfaction rating and ties them to events that the customer has experienced.  The goal of this project is to create a systematic view of the customer that we have not achieved with other methods.
ROI approach and calculator for CEM projects in service providers
  • This workstream is focused on developing an approach for measuring return on investment on CEM projects.  How can you define a linkage between improving performance as identified by improvements in a particular metric or KPI and a business improvement?  This thought-leading work will result in an initial model and approach in its first release.
Getting CEM into the core frameworks (Business Process Framework (eTOM) and Information Framework (SID)
  • In this workstream, the CEM project group will work with the Frameworx group to update Frameworx to reflect the latest thinking from the CEM team.  New processes and information entities will be added and processes and information entities will be updated to capture concepts like journey mapping and metrics-based analysis in the core frameworks.

Data analytics

New use case development
  • Addition of new use cases to the use case library.  Are you using big data analytics in your company or helping a customer implement big data analytics?  Submit what you are doing as a use case to this project!  Also, the data analytics project will work with the digital health, smart energy and smart city projects in the IoT area to help them develop appropriate data analytics use cases for their most important business areas, as well as working with the TM Forum ZOOM project, which is focused on operational approaches in the new virtualized environment to contribute big data analytics approaches in key areas such as policy, service level agreements and security.
Big data analytics business processes
  • The group is working to define a set of processes for implementation and use of big data analytics solutions in service provider environments.  This will be thought-leading work and we need input from multiple service providers and suppliers (SMEs) to optimize development of these best practices.


Privacy risk scores
  • The group is adding Privacy Risk Scores which are a way to define privacy risk in a quantifiable manner into the 51 use cases that we have today.  They will also explore additional privacy considerations.
Privacy Dashboard
  • The purpose of the Privacy Dashboard is to give the customer/end-user control over their data – visibility and control over what data is collected, how it is used, how long it is retained for, how it can be shared etc.  This  in response to the growing awareness (Target, Homebase, Anthem etc.) on the part of the customer of what could happen as a result of what seemed to them to be an innocuous transaction.On the other side, the dashboard will give a service provider a tool to enable demonstrable compliance with both customers’s wishes and any relevant privacy  legislation.  The dashboard will effectively enable customers to create their own privacy profile and so provides a portal for partner companies to access the customer’s privacy profile and to comply with the customers permissions.

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