Customer Centricity

Customer experience: Easy to understand, impossible to get 100 percent right?

We are all customers every day from the minute we get up in the morning until the minute we go to bed at night. That alarm clock that woke you up? You are a customer of that company. How did your toothpaste taste this morning? Did your email all load properly on your phone? Did Starbucks get your order right?

The ubiquity of customer experiences is what makes this topic both easy to understand as a concept and impossibly hard to ever get 100 percent right. The alarm clock company is not at your house waiting to help if you have a problem. So, with such a big world of experiences out there, how do you get your arms around it?

This is where TM Forum comes in. We are good at scoping a problem and then defining ways to tackle it – starting with basic steps, defining a common language, bringing in experts, and doing industry research. We build on this foundation to create tools and guides that help our members find an approach and a way forward that works for their company.

Customer experience: Are you as good as you think?

For example, one of the useful tools we have is our maturity model. It’s a way to have the conversation about where a company is doing well or maybe not doing so well with the way they are managing customer engagement in their organizations. We had a member tell us that when asked her management scored themselves between a 4 and a 5 out of 5 for how good they are at customer experience as an organization, but when they went through a longer evaluation process with our maturity model, they came out between a 1 and a 2. This turned out to be very eye-opening! Sometimes just having a way to create the conversation is a way to turn the ship.

Learn from the experts

At Digital Disruption we have the whole spectrum of great minds and great knowledge. From customer experience luminary companies like Nordstrom, to important communications customer experience managers from big providers like AT&T and Verizon, to TM Forum experts who will teach you how to use our tools – you will come away with inspiration, creative ideas and practical approaches to take back to your company.

So how about joining us, and bring your favorite and least favorite customer experiences with you – we will be asking!


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