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DTW 2018: Mobile gaming, augmented reality and 5G feature in winning Catalysts

TM Forum honored seven Catalyst proof-of-concept projects with awards on the closing day of Digital Transformation 2018.

Catalysts are rapid-fire, proof-of-concept projects connecting service providers, technology suppliers and global enterprises to create innovative solutions to common industry challenges. There are two key roles in the projects: the Catalyst champion, which is a company seeking a solution to a business problem; and participants, companies that provide their expertise to solve the challenge. The winners were chosen by a panel of judges made up mostly of communications service providers (CSPs).

Outstanding Catalyst – Business Impact

Proving the Business Model for Sponsored Network Slices: Mobile Gaming

This project demonstrated how application-aware (in this case game-aware), branded network slicing can create a key consumer touchpoint that at once dramatically improves the gamer’s experience while adhering to, and even reinforcing, the principles and practices of net neutrality as outlined by regulators in Europe and in Asia. The team was honored for the potential business impact of their project.

Outstanding Catalyst – Innovation

Blade Runner

Modern networks are ushering in a new era of unlimited data and internet of things (IoT) use cases, such as smart cities, smart industries, connected cars and remote surgery. Aligned with modern cloud-based and software-defined networks, the Blade Runner Catalyst showcased how AI-based augmented reality can be used to support the maintenance of remote industrial equipment and vehicles, all facilitated by using the latest in multi-access edge computing technology. The team was honored for the cutting-edge innovation their project demonstrated.

Outstanding Catalyst – Communications

5G Intelligent Service Operations

This Catalyst was one of two related projects looking at the lifecycle of 5G-enabled services. This team focused on service operations while the other looked at planning and optimization. It showed how IoT services can be operationalized, orchestrated and monetized in an advanced 5G ecosystem. The team was awarded for their excellent effort evangelizing the project.



Outstanding Catalyst – CurateFx Ecosystem Design

Blockchain Unleashed

This Catalyst went beyond the hype of blockchain to demonstrate the disruptive potential of the technology for CSPs in eliminating the use of ‘middle-man’ entities in telco value chains. The team was honored for their extensive ecosystem modeling around five use cases. They used CurateFx, a cloud-based software-as-a-service (SaaS) tool co-developed by TM Forum and Tr3dent, a TM Forum member company, to help companies design digital ecosystems. The tool, which is built on TM Forum’s FrameworxPartnering Toolkit and Open APIs, provides step-by-step blueprints, information-based decision tools, visualization maps and other collaborative capabilities so that partners can quickly and easily develop business scenarios.

Outstanding Contribution to TM Forum Assets

Empowering Business Assurance with Artificial Intelligence

This Catalyst, in its second phase, demonstrated an innovative approach to business assurance, revenue assurance and fraud management by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning and big data analytics technologies to enable and support digital transformation and services such as smart homes and cities. The team was honored for their extensive contributions back to TM Forum.

Outstanding Use of TM Forum Assets

Connected Citizens – a Smart City Enabling Digital Platform

This multi-phased project, which is a previous Catalyst award winner, has developed a platform that enables developers and service providers to create and deploy innovative services for cities and citizens. It is based TM Forum Open APIs and a scalable cloud of enabling solutions. The team was awarded for its outstanding use of TM Forum assets.


Phygital Store – Phase II

This project showed how a CSP can provide a seamless, omnichannel interaction, starting a journey online, updating their shopping basket via a mobile app and completing the transaction when they go to collect their purchase in-store. The Catalyst leverages TM Forum Open APIs and GDPR management to build a trusted open digital ecosystem and was also awarded for its outstanding use of TM Forum assets.


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