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Omnichannel customer service is one step closer

One crucial goal for operators, in fact any company, is to deploy an effective omnichannel operation. It is widely acknowledged that omnichannel will dramatically improve customer service efficiency and thus satisfaction.

Younger customers in particular are demanding this seamless interaction with operators, where a conversation can start on Twitter, for example, move onto a chat function and end with a confirmation email. All channels must be supported, including voice and messaging.

China Mobile, for one, knows that it needs an intelligent omnichannel customer care platform in order to improve efficiency. With the increasing complexity of services being offered, the move is even more important.

Although this concept seems some way from reality, there is a group that have set out to make it a reality, and they are succeeding. Championed by China Mobile and supported by Huawei, Etiya and Digital Afrique, the TM Forum’s Omnichannel Collaboration Catalyst is now in its third phase.

According to the Catalyst’s co-ordinator Yiling (Sammy) Liu of Huawei, “The objective is to take an ‘outside in’ approach to the problem, while looking for BSS pain points and barriers to implementation. Part of the solution will revolve around big data analytics solutions.”

Part of the value that the champions have brought to the table is their customer service pain points, enabling the group to collaborate on solutions.

The latest iteration of the Omnichannel Collaboration Catalyst will expand to the whole business ecosystem. It will also address a much wider application in areas such as the IoT, 5G and smart cities, where interaction with citizens and customers will be even more complex and the response and support needs to be very fast.

This Catalyst will draw on other TM Forum Catalyst projects and assets, including the Information Framework (SID), as well as the TM Forum BSS KPIs for Good Customer Experience as a reference and also use the TM Forum Open API program tools.

Digital transformation

As the digital transformation in other parts of the business gathers pace, and new services and products are brought online, this radical overhaul of the customer service environment will prove invaluable to operators. If it is successful, then omnichannel will take significant costs out of the business, while adding much sought-after agility.

This Catalyst will be a key part of the showcase at the forthcoming TM Forum Live! event in Nice. This annual focal point for the digital world takes place next week – May 15-18. See you there?

For more information on the Catalyst, watch the video interview below:


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