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Banishing the boundaries to co-creation and DevOps

Ecosystems and agility are key to CSPs today, and the Joint Agility Delivery Phase II Catalyst project looks at how to combine and leverage both using NFV. It is championed by AT&T, Orange and Telecom Italia.

As one key team member pointed out, this work is critical to the telecoms industry and unique to TM Forum. Here’s why. As NFV standards are still maturing, suppliers cannot test and certify their contributions in isolation – interoperability is a fundamental requirement for efficient and effective deployment. Also, the separation of software from hardware poses extra requirement and certification challenges.

Collaboration is the solution, but it is only possible if processes are standardized and the parties use a collaboration platform to enable joint activities. Hence big hitters Cloud Best Practices, Huawei, IBM, Infosys, Spirent and TechMahindra are supporting the Catalyst.

Building on success

Phase I of the project (in the second half of 2016) concentrated on defining Joint Agile Delivery as a process to break down the silos between suppliers, integrators and the service provider. This created a streamlined, multi-party, continuous delivery pipeline with rapid customer feedback and continuous improvement – very DevOps. It resulted in the exploratory publication IG1137A, which is available to all TM Forum’s members.

Phase II takes these concepts to maturity so that the APIs and best practices can be contributed to TM Forum’s Frameworx. This phase will also trace the process from deployment-ready to field operations or, in other words, service assurance.

How? The APIs, processes and shared ecosystem/platform approach will aid the creation of world-class software so partners can offer NFV solutions to satisfy their customers’ demands and secure revenues.

Business, not technology

Hence Phase II’s focus is on addressing issues around business arrangements, rather than technology – how to share resources efficiently to co-create products and services various partners want to offer. This formidable team will demonstrate service providers working with their suppliers in a collaborative system – from requirements stage to deployment – in an efficient manner that will ensure high quality.

TM Forum’s IG1137 best practices guide introduced the concept of transformation from NetOps to DevOps in an NFV/ZOOM context. The intent of that transformative process was to break the silos between Development and Operations to work efficiently in an ecosystem.

Joint Agility Delivery Catalyst Phase II will enhance IG1137A with the findings from the Catalyst demonstration while extending into service assurance, which will be documented in IG1137B.  There will also be collaboration with the ZOOM Red Team in enhancing IG1141’s certification section.

Watch the video, catch the demonstration at TM Forum Live! in Nice, May 15-18, and hold onto your hats for the third phase!


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