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Omnichannel approach aims to boost NPS and customer satisfaction

The term ‘omnichannel’ has been adopted to describe a consistently good, seamless experience across all customer contact channels, regardless of the channel type or time of use. Ideally, this puts the customer in charge, within a guided journey, to provide a stress-free, intuitive and consistently good experience.

The customer should be able to choose their preferred channels and change channel at any time. They should also be able to interrupt and resume a session regardless of time, delay or channel choice.

These very features were the objective of last year’s APPEX Omnichannel Catalyst that is entering its second iteration with champions Vodafone and Orange and participants Huawei, Sigma, MACCSA, NTS Retail, Celebrus and Apptium. As a reminder, the ‘APPEX’ stands for Adaptive Predictive Personalized Experience eXcellence.

The objective this time around is the creation of an omnichannel solution environment for the service provider sector to encourage omnichannel adoption to enhance customer experience across all channels. It also introduces omnichannel management in the areas of streaming services and addresses the issues raised by an IoT device environment.

End-user customers will benefit from a consistent and coherent usage experience regardless of channel used and whether or not the interaction is interrupted. This is achieved through leveraging customer data and the application of smart systems to ensure the most appropriate responses are made to the customer.

This continuation of the APPEX Omnichannel Catalyst is linked to the broader customer experience management work under way at TM Forum, including customer experience maturity level assessment and a 360-degree customer view. Omnichannel is in advanced development in other industries but this will be the first application of its type in the telecoms space. There may be opportunity to leverage other industry implementations and associated standards bodies and groups.

The Catalyst will also leverage best practice customer experience frameworks from both TM Forum and outside the industry by:

  • Continued development of APPEX Omnichannel use cases to address end-to-end customer journey stages and new target market segments such as SME and SOHO (small office/home office);
  • Providing consistent, coherent customer experience across all customer channels, leveraging real-time data analytics from multiple sources including customer history, persona, touchpoint analysis and transactional data;
  • Employing business analytics-led value chain analysis to determine capability requirements and apply these to use case development;
  • And demonstrating the role of Vodafone as a services orchestrator working in partnership with a prime systems integrator and an ecosystem of application partners.

It will aim to use, develop and contribute to TM Forum’s open APIs, metrics and processes to help operators with the deployment of omnichannel.

Key business drivers are customer experience benefits measured in terms of net promoter score (NPS) improvement, realized from rationalization of multiple customer channels to provide consistent and coherent customer experiences and new digital innovations in the channels.

Target audience will be primarily SME and SOHO customers. The benefits to service providers will be:

  • Reduced time to market;
  • Reduced cost of sales through better business intelligence and integrated sales processes;
  • Increased ARPU and improved margins;
  • Reduced OPEX in trouble ticketing and fault management;
  • Greater customer engagement and intimacy leading to increased loyalty and retention;
  • Customer base growth and market penetration, as well a improved reputation.

The APPEX Omnichannel Catalyst will be demonstrated at TM Forum Live! In Nice this May.

Watch this video interview to find out more:


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