Author Pawan Dubey


Pawan has more than seven years of experience in the telco/software industry in business analysis, consulting in telco OSS/BSS service assurance and fulfillment. He has been responsible for analyzing, designing and developing commercially viable end-to-end technical BSS solutions for the global customers based on their specifications and business needs. He has played a key role as a consultant in meeting business objectives, solving business problems and furthering business success by applying e-TOM industry standards, applications and the definition of high level solutions for development of operational processes and procedures. In addition to consulting, he is also on the advisory team of a few ventures helping accelerate their journey to commercial success and business growth. As a telco evangelist of the communications, media and entertainment world, he often visits leading schools, and engineering insitutions as a guest lecturer. He has been keynote speaker at industry conferences on digital monetization, telco solutions, big data and industrial IoT in India.