Singapore launches data-as-a-service pilot

A data-as-a-service pilot to improve the visibility of privately held data sets is being conducted by Singapore’s Infocomm Development Authority (IDA) in association with Amazon Web Services. The initiative is part of the Singaporean government’s ‘smart nation’ strategy.

Launched earlier this year, the smart nation strategy is designed to improve the efficiency of the Singapore’s public and private sectors through the use of big data, Internet of Things platforms and cloud services.

“Singapore is building the world’s first smart nation. To tackle difficult urban challenges in areas such as healthcare and energy, we need to capture and analyse massive amounts of data, and use that situational awareness to take meaningful actions,” said Steve Leonard, Executive Deputy Chairman, IDA.

Data and analytics is one of the principal focuses of the smart nation strategy – the Singaporean government intends to develop Singapore into a regional data and analytics hub – and the data-as-a-service pilot takes what the IDA calls a federated approach. The IDA has produced data quality metric guidelines to support data providers in ensuring their data is easy to access and categorise.

According to a statement from the IDA, “Currently, there is no coherent mechanism for users to easily discover private sector datasets made available from data providers across various industry sectors… IDA encourages data providers from all industries to participate in the data-as-a-service pilot to increase visibility of their datasets and contribute feedback on how the platform can be improved.”

The first 25 companies to sign up to the pilot will receive $3,000 worth of usage credits from Amazon Web Services, to go towards the cost of hosting their datasets.

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