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Customer-centricity: Let’s get up and do something about it

I think we need a new word for attendees in the Customer-Centricity and Big Data Analytics track at Digital Disruption this year. because in most cases they are doing much more than attending.  Participant is possibly much better.

Yes, let’s go with that because we want our “participants” to join in the action; to get up and engage — not only to learn from the speakers and find out more about TM Forum and our best practices, but also to share thoughts and ideas with colleagues.  We will be guiding you through all kinds of interactive and collaborative exercises, asking you to contribute your ideas in advance of sessions that historically might have just been typical panels, and creating an environment where you will get to know more people than you have ever met at an event before.

Here is a flavor of what you can experience:

Monday: Driving Customer Engagement Workshop:  Two small group interactive exercises — one where we will explore the future of KPIs and metrics and create dashboards for them.  Another where we will map journeys to customer-centricity across six important factors.

Tuesday:  You ask the questions!  Have you ever seen Whose Line is it Anyway? Well, it’s an improv TV show where they play a (hilarious) game called Scenes from a Hat and the audience gets the performers to act out their ideas.  We will be doing the same thing, but it will be you giving us the questions in advance and the panelists will come up with their most creative answers.

Wednesday:  Roll up your sleeves and learn about TM Forum’s recipe for extracting value out of service provider data with our Analytics Workshop.  You will leave this how-to session with your very own new data analytics use case, meaning you see gains immediately from your participation (not just attendance!) at Digital Disruption.

Also on Wednesday, explore  omnichannel with us in our Collaborative Think Tank, where we will develop paths to omnichannel implementation, as well as identify key enablers and blockers for implementing omnichannel in your company.  We will also develop and analyze new omnichannel scenarios to dig even deeper.

Thursday:  We are really jumping into action on Thursday with another how-to session – this one on customer experience management use cases.  We will run a guided workshop that will introduce the participants to many of TM Forum’s best practices around CEM, and then enable them to put those best practices to work to create a use case based on TM Forum’s brand new approach and guidelines.  Be the first one to benefit from this systematic and thought-provoking session.

And that’s not all – there will be speed networking throughout. The whole event is geared towards creating as many situations as possible where you will participate and not just attend.

I have been saying this for a while, but I will say it again. Seriously — do not forget your business cards for Digital Disruption this year, as you will not be short of opportunities to meet, learn from and share with your fellow participants.

So, register now—and I look forward to being part of the action with you!


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    Rebecca manages key projects at TM Forum, including Customer Centricity and Big Data Analytics. Rebecca has worked in the communications industry for almost 25 years, focusing on operational and business support systems for the majority of her career.

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